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Moving Mountains Tutoring and Mentoring Services

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Meet the Owner

Celeste Ferrson, C.E.O & Founder


Welcome, come on in! I’m Celeste, the C.E.O and founder of Moving Mountains Tutoring and Mentoring Services, LLC. I bring people, ideas, and inspiration together via education to make the world a little bit better.

I’ve always considered myself to be an innovator of sorts—I couldn’t be the typical school teacher in my neighborhood. In teaching students from the South Bronx to Miami, FL, I found a yearning to create space that affirmed my pupils and prepared them for a world that statistically is not kind to them. I saw many projects, after-school programs, and the occasional promise from various officials to fix the issues my students face. I saw promises but never solutions.

Over the years, I’ve learned to take the promises of others and turn them into magic for the students I serve. Through impatiently devouring knowledge while gaining my masters’ degree while also teaching, enabled me to birth my own venture. My belief that there is a better way to integrate learning and empowerment, motivates me to share my philosophy with others through my company. My passion for equity, diversity, and progress lights a fire beneath me that is seen throughout my work.

Today, I help my wide community of students cultivate authentic learning experiences that teach as well as affirm self-worth and pride through inclusive teaching strategies as the C.E.O of Moving Mountains Tutoring and Mentoring. I’m also building a vibrant community with a diverse population of millennials who want and deserve to take up space in their respective industries. In the past, I’ve orchestrated several educational programs and events, and earned my Master’s degree in Reading Education K-12 from Florida International University, my bachelors from City University of New York in Childhood Education K-5 degree with a concentration in Psychology and, I am continuing my own education by recently completing an Applied Behavior Analysis program.

Thanks for spending your time learning more about me. Let’s connect—we may be future collaborators, partners, or friends!

About Us

Moving Mountains Tutoring and Mentoring Services, LLC pride ourselves on our dedication to addressing the disparity in academics between subgroups in the United States while educating the whole child. We believe each child is an adequate individual who may need gentle support with unpacking their strengths and unique potential. Taking a whole child approach enables us to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities that may arise in their future. To support the closing of the achievement gap, we provide targeted instruction that is grounded in the latest research to suit the needs of each learner we service.

Providing individualized instruction to meet student needs.

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“The love the teachers have for what they do is felt in the way they deliver the lessons to the students. My son left with a boost of confidence. Thank you!”

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