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A Father’s Role- A Tribute to the Importance of Fathers

Category - Tribute
06/20/2021 - 12:07 pm

“It’s the courage to raise a child that makes you a father.” – Barack Obama

The quote above outlines the flexibility and broadness of being a father. In the nuclear family ideal of the 1950’s, this quote does not make sense. Even today, most people assume that children have a mother and a father and this balance provides a “well-rounded” adult. While the role of a father is important, it is not entirely dependent on the gender of the person involved or an entirely traditional role of a father. 

The traditional father embodies specific traits, but fatherhood can embody a larger set of roles. Many single-parent households, same-sex couples, and many step-parents that choose to take the mantle of fatherhood can disregard traditional expectations of fatherhood and use their own experiences and actions to forge a new definition of fatherhood. 

These are three ways that a person can embody the role of a father:

  1.  Spending Quality Time with Children

This seems like the easiest and simplest way to embody the role of a father, but it makes a large difference in a child’s life. Planning activities where children can simply enjoy the company of their father makes a big difference to a child’s life.

  1. Providing a Sense of Safety and Security

Being a trustworthy figure for a child to lean on is a key role for fatherhood. When a child knows that they can come to their father or father figure for a sense of safety, it provides a healthy and loving environment for that child to grow.

  1. Being a Teacher

From teaching a child how to cook to teaching them how to ride a bike, a father plays an important role in making sure that their child can learn key life skills that will help him or her succeed in life.

With these tips, a father or father figure can work on being the best role model for their child. This coming father’s day provides a perfect chance to remember the importance of fathers and father figures in a child’s life. Happy father’s day to all fathers and father figures.

By Alexis Mosely

Edited by Ariana Santana

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