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Media (Photo/Video)

Lead Intern


  • Conduct bi-weekly meetings with the Media team (or meet when necessary)
    • Schedule to meet with C.E.O prior to team meeting for any updates or communicate via email/whatsapp
    • Prepare agenda for the meeting and send to C.E.O one day prior to meeting for approval 
    • Upload meeting notes to google drive within 24 hours after the meeting 
  • Monitor tasks and deadlines
  • Provide team with feedback 
  • Ensure all trackers and forms are updated and communicated to team 
  • Be available to assist and answer any questions 
  • Complete performance reviews for the Media team 
  • Collaborate with other departments when necessary 
  • Perform similar and related duties as assigned
  • Bring creative ideas and energy to the position.


Position Summary

The Photography and Video Intern is responsible for providing support to the social media department through a variety of channels, print, digital, web, video and other as assigned. Moving Mountains produces e-communications, social media posts, short videos, photo slideshows and a website. The Photography and Video intern will report to the C.E.O and will assist with the development of photography and videography in the creation, organization and distribution of multimedia to all channels of communication.

Job Duties

The Photography and Video Intern’s primary duties include but are not limited to:

  • Photo Shoots: Intern will conduct virtual photo shoots. These shoots will include both event and portrait sessions. Intern will always conduct themselves in a professional manner.
  • Photo Editing: Intern will do initial photo editing and exporting from Adobe Lightroom. Intern will further enhance and retouch photos using Adobe Photoshop. Student will prepare images for use in different media formats including, video, web, email and print.
  • Videography: Intern will conduct video shoots. These shoots will include both event and portrait sessions. This may include events and video interview sessions.
  • Video Editing: Intern will use Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Speedgrade (flexible) to edit videos. Intern will organize and sort raw videos and edit the videos to create short movies for use online and on social media.
  • Audio engineering: Intern will record audio interviews and other sounds and use Adobe Sound Booth for manipulation, mixing and reproduction of sound used in a variety of mediums including, but not limited to promotional videos, podcasts and iPad apps.
  • Database Cataloguing: : Intern aids in the maintenance, keywording and organization of an expansive archive of images
  • Other projects as assigned.
  • Moving Mountains is a very collaborative organization so there may be times that work on other programs and/or projects as is needed as well.
  • The intern will be required to attend regular internship meetings.

Job Requirements:

  • Experience using DSLRs
  • In-depth knowledge of camera operations for both still photos and video • In-depth knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom •
  • Beginner knowledge of Adobe Premiere •
  • Beginner knowledge of lighting and composition
  • Flexible schedule (outside of class and/or work commitments)
  • Excellent computer knowledge
  • Writing and proofing skills are also required.
  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal) and administrative skills
  • Ability to work independently and complete assigned tasks within identified time frames
  • Organized, dependable and detail oriented
  • Team Player
  • Quick Learner and efficient high sense of urgency
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