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Author: Ariana Santana

Author -
1:00 am

Starting SMART: A Guide To Setting and Accomplishing Back To School Goals

As the beginning of the school year approaches, many parents and students are thinking about what they want to accomplish this coming year. Perhaps you or your student is seeking to improve grades. Maybe you need to reduce procrastination to accommodate an additional after school activity. Moving Mountains Tutoring and Mentorship Services provides our best […]

Author -
2:04 pm

Sayonara (So Long) Summer Slide: 10 Ways to Keep Students Enriched in the Summer

Written by Tiffani Scott Edited by Ariana Santana The summer can be an exciting time for students, trading in hours of class time for hours of screen time. Although summer is a time of carefree relaxation for students, we must be mindful of the potential gap they will have to face once school begins in […]

Author -
12:07 pm

A Father’s Role- A Tribute to the Importance of Fathers

“It’s the courage to raise a child that makes you a father.” – Barack Obama The quote above outlines the flexibility and broadness of being a father. In the nuclear family ideal of the 1950’s, this quote does not make sense. Even today, most people assume that children have a mother and a father and […]

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