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Sayonara (So Long) Summer Slide: 10 Ways to Keep Students Enriched in the Summer

Category - Mentoring
07/28/2021 - 2:04 pm

Written by Tiffani Scott

Edited by Ariana Santana

The summer can be an exciting time for students, trading in hours of class time for hours of screen time. Although summer is a time of carefree relaxation for students, we must be mindful of the potential gap they will have to face once school begins in the fall. Here at Moving Mountains Tutoring and Mentoring Services, LLC we aim to help combat the “summer slide” through summer learning. Here is a list of ten activities that students and parents can do to maintain student learning during the summer months. 

Set aside time for learning 

Even if it is just for a few minutes a day, set aside a time block for your student to read. Doing so will allow for the student to strengthen their reading skill and expand their vocabulary. 

Engage in Meaningful Learning 

Meaningful learning is when students connect new information and ideas to things they have previously learned. Relating what students’ read to what they already know will improve their ability to learn and retain new information. 

Summer Reading 

The summer months are a perfect time for students to discover new topics of interest. Summer reading should consist of books or articles that the student finds interesting so they are able to explore new topics of interest and improve reading comprehension. 

Creative Writing 

Writing improves the thinking process and contributes to the development of critical thinking skills (Grammarly). 


Volunteering in the summer is a great way for students to gain self-esteem and leadership skills that can improve overall school performance in the fall. 

Informational field trips 

Planned field trips to museums, zoos, galleries, etc. are great ways to engage students and explore learning new learning opportunities different from the typical classroom setting. 

Skill Development 

Summer is the best time for students to explore new interests and develop skills that will better prepare for the students’ return to instruction in the fall.

Summer Camps/Internships 

Participation in summer camps and internships introduces students to skills that they may not have learned through sitting in a classroom. 

Educational Games 

Turning learning into a fun activity will increase student engagement and retainment. These can consist of online, video, and board games that encourage skill development in math and reading comprehension. 

Go Outside 

Students who spend more time outside during the summer months tend to exercise their brains. Exposure to nature can improve cognitive functioning, coordination, and social skills (Strife & Downey). 

Online Learning 

There are plenty of online resources for students to use to continue learning throughout the summer. From documentaries to podcasts to online lessons, students have a wide range of resources for students to learn from.

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