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What We Do

One-on-One Targeted Session

We believe every student is unique and learns differently. During one-on-one tutoring, instruction is differentiated so the student is taught at their current proficiency level. Teaching at the child's proficiency level will help to close the ongoing achievement gap.

targeted sessions

Small Group Tutoring

We believe in the power of collaboration we provide the opportunity for students to work together. We guide students through the process of team building and provide students with the opportunity to develop communication skills and conflict management.

small group tutoring

Virtual Learning

We offer virtual learning sessions to maintain engagement and continuity outside of the classroom during the pandemic. One-on-one and group tutoring sessions are offered virtually.

virtual learning

Summer Learning

During the summer, students tend to lose the knowledge they obtained during the school year. We, at Moving Mountains Tutoring and Mentoring Service can help combat the "summer slide."

summer learning

Academic Counseling

We advise students and families on school choices, gifted, individualized education plans, behavior intervention plans and high school schedules.

academic counseling


We know teaching your children full time at home may not be ideal, but we are here to help! Contact us to hear about our COVID-19 Special!



Do you need a trained educator to assist you with a parent teacher conference or a school meeting? Do you feel uninformed about your rights as a parent?



We offer homeschool consultations, personalized instruction, testing services and curriculum building. Let us help you prepare your child for ultimate success!


Test Prep ONLY (Seasonal)

$25 per hour, per child

Package A:

Monthly Group (per Child)

One 90 minute session per week.

$360 per Month

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Package B:

Monthly Group (per Child)

Two 90 minute sessions per week.

$540 per Month

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Package C:

Monthly Private (per Child)

One 90 minute session per week

$706.50 per Month

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Package D:

Monthly Private (per Child)

Two 90 minute sessions per week.

$1,413 per Month

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