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Uplifting The Young Girl

Category - Mentoring
05/07/2021 - 11:50 am

Written By Kim Grzesek
Copy Editor Shamara King

Photo Credit: Kiana Bosman

In partnership with The Confidence Code for Girls, Ypulse conducted a nationwide confidence poll with parents and their daughters ages 8 – 18 years old. The survey found girls’ confidence drops 30 percent between the ages of 14 and 18 and more than half of teenage girls feel pressure to be “perfect.” 

Why do we see this decline in confidence?

Within our society, young girls are held to a standard of maintaining “perfection.” This standard is not only unrealistic and exhausting, but it is debilitating. To uplift our young women, we must make it clear that they are allowed to feel normalcy in failure.

Humans were not designed to be perfect and achievement does not happen without risk-taking and failure. We need to inspire our young women to take risks and start practicing to feel comfortable being uncomfortable. Many times we view our own ability as lower than our actual ability. Teaching our young women to feel comfortable stepping out of their comfort zones to experience failure will teach them to overcome challenges and understand their true capabilities.

This is a crucial step to establishing a strong sense of confidence and resilience. Here are a few actionable steps to encourage young women: 

Self-improvement: Identify personal strengths and interests to target areas to increase achievement. Parents must instill in their daughters that knowing their strengths and using them as a positive behavioral pattern is key. This will change young women’s perspectives in order to create a healthy self esteem that they will carry throughout their lives. 

Growth Mindset: Build an insatiable curiosity to learn new things. Have an open mind-set and track your daily progress.

Short and Long Term Goals: Make sure to set goals that also have a strategy to achieve them.

Resilience: View obstacles as exciting challenges and new opportunities. Maintain the willpower to persist through these challenges. 

Engage young women and cultivate their curiosity in something that speaks to them. Ask questions and encourage them to try something they never have before. Create an innovative playground intertwined within the daily environment that shapes their perspective about themselves and others. We want to instill a strong sense of self which can only be done by experimenting and making sure our young women feel comfortable experimenting.

Below is a list of organizations that inspire young women: 

Afro Puffs and Ponytails

Dove’s Self-Esteem Fund

Girl’s Inc.

Here at Moving Mountains Tutoring and Mentoring Services, LLC, we are strong advocates for developing independence and instilling resilience within our students. We understand how important these skills are to develop a strong template for life-long self-management skills. Our organization has a variety of resources and activities such as our natural hair club, book club, etc. devoted to uplifting young women, particularly women of color. If you are a parent or a student who would like more resources on this topic, please feel free to reach out to us. 

We understand the importance of doing our part in creating the best environment possible where our future generation of young women can ask questions and feel comfortable in uncertainty.   

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