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Ways to Communicate and Ensure your Child is a Healthy Learner during COVID-19!

Category - Virtual Learning
02/25/2021 - 5:47 pm

Written by Ethan Tran

It has been more than a year since the pandemic has happened! I want you to congratulate yourself and your family for their continued perseverance during such a trying time.

With this in mind, take a moment to assess how your child is doing in their virtual school environment. As growing minds in a gloomy time, they may appear distraught and saddened by their halted social life. These negative emotions are only amplified by the stress of adapting to an unfamiliar unengaging digital world. In turn, they may seem scared, lonely, and fearful of the future. We forget that our young superheroes face battles that we as parents can’t always see. As we deal with work and maintaining peace in such a grueling time, we often forget to take a moment to talk heart to heart with our children.

Communicating about the current pandemic is always going to be scare – especially when it’s directed to a child who may not understand what is happening around them.

  • Ask them what they know about the pandemic.
  • Assess what information your child has right – and what information your child has wrong.
  • Dismiss any false pretense they might believe.
  • Understand their fears and stress – be empathetic.

Once you have an understanding of your child’s emotional state, move on to assessing how their young minds are growing. It’s important to talk to your child as soon as possible when you feel them struggling academically. The pandemic took a toll on their instructional learning time and social life, and as a growing child, that’s detrimental for their learning.

As instructional learning times reduce, children face a predicament of having to catch up to their studies “Because learning time in school matters, and students’ learning and development tend to vary greatly even when schools operate in normal circumstances, challenges to learning were magnified when schools close – due to prolonged cuts to learning time in school” (Emma Garcia and Elaine Weiss, 2020). As parents, it’s hard to keep your child from interacting with others their age during a dangerous pandemic. The move to virtual learning is a difficult sacrifice, but it’s imperative for the safety of your family. With all these setbacks in place, it doesn’t mean you still can’t bond and assist your child in learning new things in life to keep them active and happy.

Engage your child in discovering new at-home hobbies and educational programs. You can find such programs at Moving Mountains where we have stimulating games such as virtual chess lessons, writing events, and video calls with energetic, wonderful tutors who’d love to help your child build their educational foundation. Setting up plans to counteract the decreased learning time is the first step in ensuring your child stays on top of their studies and rises to the occasion – always. Find out what they enjoy in school, and cultivate that shining spark into something they can learn and engage with so that they stay motivated just as they would in a physical learning environment. This process is not meant to be done alone. Let your bright-eyed, amazing child help you.

Moving Mountains Tutoring and Mentoring Services, LLC understands how important it is to develop young learners’ minds in their most crucial years of growth. If you ever need assistance, Moving Mountains is here to help you educate and unpack your child’s strength and unique potential with open arms.

We hear your struggles…and we are here to help. Come join us in creating a safe, social space online filled with vigor and voices!

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